The next diet

I did make my weight at the last weigh in for the Game on Diet, but not this one. Oh the agony! My team was winning too. Wah!

Now I will launch a new diet this Monday! What to do? I’m leaning towards two weeks of old school Atkins. Just to get off sugar and have a big jump start on the scale to get my head in the weight loss game. Plus who doesn’t love eating bacon and macadamia nuts while losing weight. When I lived in Hawaii this was my go to 2 week diet to get into swim suit shape. But I’m still thinking it over.

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Naughty cupcakes

You NEED cupcakes for a belated twin birthday party, right?. And they have to be my favorite kind of cupcakes of course!  At least I had lots of people to help me eat them yesterday.

I was explaining to my six year old how I wasn’t going to eat any treats today since we had cupcakes yesterday.  We started going over everything I could remember about calories from my University of Hawaii nutrition classes. I was explaining about a calorie being a unit of energy.  That candy has empty calories, and we get energy from calories.  I told  her about the three types of calories; protein, carbohydrates and fat calories. “Fat calories, hahahaha,” she said. I guess it’s good to start now to explain how these units of energy gives us energy and bad food choices make us feel less energetic.  It was a good refresher for me, especially since tomorrow is a weigh in day for my team on the Game on Diet. We’ll see how kind the scale is to me.  Those dang empty units of energy are getting on my nerves. Kind of like a bad boyfriend. They look beautiful,  but they zap you of your energy and leave you with nothing but regret.  Thankfully my bad boyfriend days are over.  Now I just need to break up with sugar and I’ll have more energy to start the Couch to 5K app that is waiting for me on my Iphone.

Sugar, we need to talk. It’s you, not me.

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The absent, busy, dieting Mom of 3, (kind of sort of blogger) is back

ImageHello out there. I’m back! I have been maintaing through our cold/flu/croupy start of summer.  Then being a single Mom for two weeks, while my husband,  aka GI Joe, went off to Texas for work. So I’m back on the program and will be blogging more about it. Somehow I didn’t gain my four pounds back. Whoo hoo.  Not gaining back pounds lost during a stressful time is a huge win!  Win! Win! Win!  Well, there was a little gaining and losing, but that is kind of like maintaining…. I think.

I also have big news.  No, I’m not pregnant with twins again.  How dare you!  It’s not that big of news.   I’m changing the two timer diet to a different diet every two weeks but it doesn’t have to be a brand new diet. Frankly, it’s too much work. I have 3 kids, I have two year old twins.  I don’t need this to be that challenging. I just need to lose this pregnancy weight.  The plan is I can spice it up and do a new diet every two weeks or I can revisit one that worked well.  For example,  I will revisit The Japanese Banana Diet for two weeks and of course I’ll be doing several two week sessions of The Game On Diet with my twin/ triplet Mommy friends.  So the switch it up every two weeks is still the main plan.  Just not a new one every two weeks.

Right now I’m on the calorie counting version of the Game on Diet.  I have to at least work out 20 minutes a day, drink a boat load of water, you get a 100 calorie treat every day. There is a weekly day off and a weekly meal off. But you can’t go crazy or that can erase your whole week.  Don’t ask me how I know that to be true?  It’s classified.   I have a little team of twin Moms and we are trying to take names and numbers and kick some Az. That is the first name of the co-author and he’s mean.  What’s wrong with a 1/2 of tsp of butter on my toast Az?

I know it’s all worth it and by next summer I’m hoping to be more comfortable in my skin. And did I mention I’m training for a 5K?  It’s more like waddling, feeling sore while huffing and puffing.  Running is fun and good for you, so I’m told.  I think it’s an Urban myth.  It makes me feel dumpy and grumpy, but okay I feel better after and I know from my past running days it will only get better.

Cheers to a healthy summer to my sweet little group of devoted readers.  I’ve missed you.  I’ve been thinking about my little blog and I’m back.

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We have the sick bug at our house!

The diet is out the window until everyone is well.  Everyone but the twins are sick. UGH. It could be worse. Relaunching soon.  Can’t wait to feel well and get my zumba on!!!!!

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Counting Calories!

I’m still counting calories and eating healthy.  I tried on some capri pants that didn’t fit a month or so ago and they fit. Whoo hoo.

I’ve also added zumba to the mix.  It’s very fun and all 3 kids join in sometimes when I play the dvd.  It’s very cute until they want me to pick them up but that is an extra great work out.

The next diet is the GAME ON diet. I already have a team of fellow twin Moms playing.

It’s fun and competitive.

Happy Weekend!

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I’ve been a busy Mommy, but here is the update and the new diet

The special K diet wasn’t really for me. I just maintained and I didn’t feel very excited about eating so much special K cereal.

The next diet for this two weeks is good old-fashioned calorie counting and eating healthy.  I know of a website that will tell you how many calories you should have according to your weight, height, age and activity level.  The website is from The Game On Diet. I’ll figure out how to post the link soon.

The two weeks of calorie counting includes exercise, a water drinking goal and my usual goal of eating whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables.  Also, no Special K cereal allowed on this diet.

I’ve never really calorie counted except for when I was on the Special K diet and honestly I didn’t do it every day.  But I think it will be a great experience to keep track.  Time to email my friend who counts calories and ask her what Iphone app she uses to look up calories on the go.

Wish me luck!

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This isn’t puppy love special K diet

The first eight days of dieting with the Special K diet were crazy. My husband was out of town, my babysitter got the flu and my friend came for the weekend and we were on the go.  Did I mention I have twin toddlers and a six year old?

I’m happy to report that I haven’t gained but I haven’t lost. Maintaining weight loss is a good thing too and under those stressful circumstances, I would have rewarded myself with special dinners and desserts if I wasn’t on the two timer diet. When I have a stressful week maintaining is a real victory.  Rewarding myself with other things besides food is one of the goals of this life change.

During the special K diet I’ve tried adding an egg on the side to help keep me satisfied.  It is a variation but it helped me that day to have the extra protein.  Adding a banana to the cereal was much more filling compared to strawberries or blueberries. I think this diet is probably better for people who just need to lose 5 to 10 pounds.

I’ll be announcing the next two week diet on Saturday and reporting the final weight loss numbers for the special K diet on Sunday.  I can’t believe it’s almost time for diet number 3 already.  I love new beginnings and second chances.

I haven’t weighed myself for two days so hopefully I’ll have some exciting weight loss news to report on Sunday!

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